Board of Trustees

Kochville Township is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of a supervisor, clerk, treasurer, and two trustees who are elected to four-year terms. Board positions are considered part-time: therefore members often have other jobs in addition to fulfilling their township duties.

State law specifically requires townships to administer property assessment, conduct elections, and collect taxes. These duties are delegated to the supervisor, clerk, and treasurer, respectively.

Board of Trustee functions include:

  • Establishing Township policies – rules and guidelines for township functions.
  • Adopting Township ordinances that protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents.
  • Appointing boards, commissions, and public officials as authorized by state statutes.
  • Approving contracts between the township and any person, firm, or municipality.
  • Auditing and authorizing claims for payment.
  • Granting and renewing Class C liquor licenses.
  • Acquiring property for public purposes.

While many townships of Kochville’s size hire professional managers, our supervisor, clerk, and treasurer function jointly in that capacity. Their dedication and commitment to serving constituents not only keeps the Board in touch with the needs of the community, it also results in a savings to the township.

Meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of the month (unless otherwise indicated with * ) at 7:00 PM. The meetings are held at the Kochville Veterans Hall located at 3265 Kochville Road.

Board of Trustees:
Jim Loiacano – Township Supervisor
Kevin Machata – Clerk
Lyle Brewster – Treasurer
Rhonda Ferrell
Ed Thon

Meeting Dates:

Kochville Township Board of Trustees Meeting Dates for 2018

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