Fire and Rescue

Alan Malesky, Kochville Township Fire Chief
Kochville Township Fire Department
5865 Mackinaw Road
Saginaw, Michigan 48604

Kochville Township Fire Department
5865 Mackinaw Rd.
Saginaw, MI 48604

Emergencies: 911
Phone: 989-791-FIRE (3473)
Scanner: 800Mhz

The Kochville Township Fire Department provides public safety services to approximately 5000 township residents within a 19 square mile area that includes the entire Saginaw Valley State University campus as well as a large commercial district.

The majority of these emergency responses were for fire suppression and emergency medical care, but the department also provides services such as search and rescue, extrication, carbon monoxide detection, and hazardous conditions control. Funding is provided by a 1 mill special assessment on real property owners within the township.

The department employs 24 part-time professional firefighters, each of whom is dedicated to serving the public while earning a living in another occupation. We also have a volunteer auxiliary staff of seven.

In addition to emergency response, the department is also active in public education and community service events throughout the township. Firefighters are available to talk about general or specific fire and life safety topics for residential or business groups.

For more information about the Kochville Township Fire Department, please visit our website at

We are always seeking new ways to improve our service to our community. If you have had contact with our Fire Department either on a call or at a fire prevention activity please let us know how we are doing by completing the Fire Department Survey. If you have had contact with out our Fire Inspector please complete the Fire Inspector Survey to let us know about your experience. These surveys are reviewed by either the Fire Chief or our Township Manager.

Fire Department Survey

Fire Inspector Survey

Fire Inspector

Brandon Rossi, Fire Inspector
5865 Mackinaw Rd.
Saginaw, MI 48604
(989) 792-7596 ext. 123

The Michigan Fire Prevention Code 1941 PA 207 authorizes township fire department personnel to take action to prevent fires, including enforcing fire safety codes, ordinances, and laws. The fire inspector inspects residential, commercial, and industrial properties (with the exception of one and two family dwellings) for existing fire hazards, ensures proper functioning of fire protection equipment, and issues recommendations for their correction. He or she also reviews site plans and construction drawings for fire code compliance and investigates all fire code enforcement requests.

Fire Code

Kochville Township has adopted and amended the International Fire Code 2012 edition under Kochville Township Ordinance 14-09. You can view the International Fire Code 2012 by following this link: . If you have any questions regarding the Fire Code please contact our Fire Inspector at 989-792-7596 extension 123 or at

Also you can view Kochville Township Ordinance 14-09 here:

Ordinance 14-09 – 2012 fire code

Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression & Tent Permits

Plan review and permit instructions

Fire Alarm Permit Application

Fire Suppression Permit Application

Tent Application *new

Commercial Business Inspections

Each year we strive to conduct an annual fire inspection of each business. During these inspections we are looking for compliance with the Fire Code, identifying important hazards to firefighters and the public, and also to update our pre-incident contact information. We have created a brochure to further assist our business owners in preparing for a fire inspection. Also we appreciate being notified of any changes in emergency contact information.

Fire Inspection Brochure

New Business Contact Online

Existing Business Contact Form

Hazardous Materials Reporting

Each commercial business is required to report any hazardous material located on or within their business under the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MIOSHA), PA 154 of 1974 as amended and also the Michigan Fire Prevention Code, PA 207 of 1941 as amended. This survey is requested to determine the quantity of specific chemical groups used, produced, or stored in your facility that Fire Chiefs are required to obtain. This is sent out annually with our business license applications, but in the event you have a change in materials onsite or quantities you are required to report the changes. In the event there are changes before the business license application is sent out you can completed the form by clicking below

Hazardous Material Packet

Haz Mat Update Form 2016

Knox Box Program:

Section 506 of the Fire Code requires an approved lock box be installed for new and existing commercial buildings. Also section 912 requires that all fire department connections have an approved locking cap installed. Kochville Township only approves lock boxes and locking fire department connection caps purchased from the Knox Company. You can order these on line at also we have provided you with ordering instructions below:

Knox Box Ordering Instructions

Fire Hazard Reporting:

The township must take necessary action to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public. If you have a concern about a possible fire code violation, we would like to know about it. Please contact the fire inspector at 989-792-7596, ext. 123, by email at , or complete the Fire Code Violation Form.

Public Fire Code Violation Form

Residential Self-inspection Checklist To further assist our residential property owners and renters of Kochville Township in recognizing common fire safety regulations, we are providing you with a self-inspection form to further assist you in eliminating common fire code violations that have been known to start fires.

Residential Self Inspection Form

Burn Permits All open burning is regulated under the International Fire Code 2012 that has been amended and adopted under Kochville Township Ordinance 14-09. Burn permits are available by calling 989-792-7596 extension 123. Burn permits are free of charge, however commercial properties, special open burning, and open burning which includes large diameter piles shall be inspected by the Fire Chief and or Fire Code Official prior to issuing a permit. If you have any questions, please contact either the Fire Inspector or Fire Chief. We have included our open burning regulations here:

Open Burning Regulations

Residential Knox Box Program:

We always want to make sure our residents are well taken care of even after an emergency incident. One way we are able to do so is with our residential Knox Box Program. A Knox Box is a locked key box that only the Kochville Township Fire Department has access to that contains a key for a residents house. These are not permanently attached to the house but are slid over the top of a door. If you are interested in this please contact our Fire Inspector at 989-792-7596 extension 123 or you can complete the below application:

Residential Knox Box Application

Other Services:

Kochville Township Fire Departments believes in providing our residents and businesses with education on emergencies that they may encounter. We offer free of charge Adult, Child, Infant, and AED Training (if cards are requested they can be obtained for a charge), Blood Borne Pathogens Training (you are responsible for obtaining the required manuals), Fire Extinguisher Trainings, Fire Prevention Activities (i.e. fire truck on display, fire hose demonstration house), Emergency Preparedness Training, Home Safety Consultations, Smoke Alarm Program to name a few or if you have an idea you want to share with us, we encourage you to contact our Fire Chief at 989-792-7596 extension 125 or our Fire Inspector at 989-792-7596 extension 123.