Public Works

Mike Comstock – DPW Manager
Department of Public Works
5851 Mackinaw Road
Saginaw, MI 48604
Phone: 989-792-7596, ext. 115
Fax: 989-793-7498

Office hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00am – 4:30pm

The Kochville Township Department of Public Works is responsible for distributing safe drinking water and providing efficient sewer services to customers. We also operate and maintain all Township parks, buildings, and grounds.

Water Billing/ Name Change Form:

Here is the following permit for name changes or final meter reads for utilities:

Water Form

Please email name changes and final meter reads to or fax it to (989)793-7498 or drop it off at the Township Office.

Water/Sewer Emergencies
For leaking water, sewer backup, or a sewer lift station alarm, call 989-792-7596, ext. 60 and follow the directions. If your call is not returned within 30 minutes, call Stanley Alarm at 1-800-875-3194 or 989-686-3194. You may also contact the Saginaw County Central Dispatch at 311 or 989-797-4580.

Utility Location

Will you be digging or working near overhead electric wires? Call Michigan’s one-call utility notification organization three full working days before you dig. The Miss Dig member utilities will mark the approximate location of their underground public utility lines at no charge. Call 1-800-482-7171 or #DIG free from your AT&T or Cingular cell phone.

Water Supply

Kochville Township’s drinking water originates from Lake Huron, one of the highest quality sources of fresh water in the world. Raw water is purchased from the Saginaw-Midland Municipal Water Supply Corporation and travels through 65 miles of pipe to the Saginaw Water Treatment Plant for processing.

Kochville Township provides drinking water to over 750 customers and maintains our own water distribution system. This includes repairing water main breaks, routinely flushing water mains to keep them clean, and testing for copper, lead, and bacteriological parameters.

Operation of the Kochville Township Water Supply System is provided for by Water Use and Rate Ordinance.

Sewage Treatment
The more densely populated areas of the Township have access to municipal sewage disposal. In 1989, Kochville Township joined with Saginaw and Carrollton Townships and the City of Zilwaukee to form the Northwest Utility Authority (NWUA) in order to provide residents with cost-effective sewage treatment. The NWUA signed a 20-year contract at that time with the City of Saginaw Waste Treatment Plant. Sewage is routed to the Saginaw facility via the Venoy Road lift station.

The Kochville Township DPW is responsible for collecting sewage from over 350 homes and businesses. We maintain 12 miles of sewer main as well as four lift stations.

Storm Water Regulations:
The Federal Clean Water Act of 1972 (CWA) requires communities nationwide to keep storm water discharge as clean as possible since these waters are released untreated into area streams, rivers, and lakes. The CWA helps minimize contamination by addressing sources such as:
• Auto and household toxins such as motor oil and pesticides
• Car wash, laundry, and other industrial wastewater
• Sanitary wastewater illegally connected to the storm drain system
• Roadway spills
• Septic tank wastewater

Because Kochville Township is located within the Saginaw Urbanized Area, we were required to apply for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit in 2003. The Township cooperated with other area municipalities to form the Saginaw Area Storm water Authority (SASWA) in order to jointly work on plans for the NPDES permit.

The permit addresses six minimum measures:
• Public education
• Public involvement
• Illicit discharge elimination
• Construction “best management practices”
• Post construction “best management practices”
• Storm water pollution prevention

Kochville Township recently formalized various policies and procedures related to storm water into the Storm Water Management Plan 2006 in order to allow for more uniform application of guidelines and to comply with NPDES Phase II regulations.

You can find information on the Saginaw Area Storm Water Authority, as well as the Clean Water Act and area watershed plans and maps, on the SASWA website at

Click on below for Kochville’s Storm Water Management Plan and Application:

Storm Water Management Plan

Storm Water Discharge Permit Application

Utility Service
Water Rates:
Kochville water and sewer customers are billed quarterly based on water usage plus a readiness-to-serve charge for meter reading and maintenance. Current water and sewer rates Effective May 1, 2019: Resolution 19-13

Water rates are $5.77 per metered thousand gallons, plus a quarterly Readiness to Serve charge.

Sewer rates are $5.43 per metered thousand gallons, plus a quarterly Readiness to Serve charge.

Water rates are reviewed annually and a comprehensive rate study is completed every three to five years.

Water Conservation:

Water conservation measures help to protect our water supply. And they can save you money by reducing your water/sewer bill.

One such water conservation measure is the following schedule for watering lawns during the months May through August:

  • If your address ends in an odd number, water your lawn on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  • If your address ends in an even number, water your lawn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Water/Sewer Bill Payment:
Water/sewer bills may be paid by cash, check or money order in person or by mail. A drop box is located in the front entrance of the Township Offices for your convenience.

Bills overdue by 30 days are subject to an additional $100 shut off fee. For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions below or call the Kochville Township Offices at 989-792-7596, ext. 115.

Change of Consumer:
When a customer vacates a premise or there is a change of ownership, occupant, or agent, water/sewer service may be discontinued by providing the Township with written notice and a forwarding address a minimum of 24 hours prior to the intended departure date in order to schedule a meter read.

New customers in an existing building must contact Kochville Township for a meter read to initiate water/sewer service. There is no charge for this service.

Turn On/Turn Off Fees:
A $100 fee is assessed to turn off your water service completely. The fee also includes a second visit to turn the service back on.

Connection Fees:
Connection fees are determined by the Public Works Manager, using the fees established in Resolution 19-13 as Township of Kochville Water and Sewer Rates.

Sewer Backup Information:
If you experience an overflow or backup of a sewage disposal system or storm water system, contact the DPW immediately. Department personnel will provide assistance in determining the cause and possible solution to your problem. Emergency contact information is provided above and in Frequently Asked Questions.

Public Act 222 clarifies specific liability criteria involving municipal sewage systems.

You must file a written claim with Kochville Township within 45 days after a backup or overflow is discovered in order to retain your rights. Failure to provide the required notice will prevent any recovery of damages should the Township be found liable.

Public Act 222 – Sewer Backup Legislation:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. My water bill seems high. What should I do?Read your meter to confirm the billed amount.Water consumption varies from season to season, with the highest period from April to October when outside usage increases. Be aware that your bill reflects previous usage.Your water meter is the best detective for finding sizable leaks in your home. Turn everything off so that no water is being used in the house. Then monitor the position of the meter dial for about 15 minutes. If it hasn’t moved, you have a relatively watertight home. But if it has moved, start checking hose connections, faucets, and toilets.If you think your toilet may have a leak, try putting some food coloring in the back of your toilet tank and waiting an hour. If color leaks into the bowl, then you have a leak. Fix the leak and your water bill should be lower next quarter.Be sure to adjust the water level of your washing machine for the load you’re washing. A washer uses between 32 and 59 gallons of water per cycle, depending on the size of the load.You are responsible for any problems with your plumbing – including water leaks – before and after the meter. The township is only responsible for the meter itself and the water main at the road.The American Water Works Association offers many more suggestions on ways to conserve, protect, and preserve water, a precious natural resource. Their website is
  2. What happens if I do not pay my water/sewer bill on time?Bills, the size of a 8 1/2 x 11 colored sheet of paper, are mailed each February, May, August, and November. If payment is not made by the due date, a past due/shut off notice is mailed indicating the amount due and the shut off date, which is 30 days after the due date. If a visit to an address is necessary on the shut off date, a $100 shut off fee will be added to the account, whether or not a shut off actually occurs. If water shut off does take place, service can usually be restored the next business day after the bill (including the shut off fee) has been paid. Employees do not have the authority to waive these fees.Water/sewer payments are accepted in advance to accommodate customers who feel they might forget or are out of town frequently. Payments will be credited to your account. For extenuating circumstances, please call us before the due date. Water/sewer billing questions should be directed to the DPW Manager at 989-792-7596, ext. 115.
  3. If I have a municipal water or sanitary sewage problem, who should I call?For non-emergency questions or concerns, call the DPW Manager Mike Comstock at 989-792-7596 ext.115 or ext.120. For emergencies where water is leaking, an alarm is going off at a sewer lift station, or a sewer main is backed up, call 989-792-7596 ext. 60 and follow the directions. If no one returns your call after 30 minutes, call Stanley Alarm at 989-686-3194 or 1-800-875-3194 and ask them to call someone from Kochville Township. If this should fail, call Saginaw County Central Dispatch at 311 and state your problem.Residents of Saginaw Valley Mobile Home Park or SVSU’s campus should contact the property manager or physical plant maintenance department, as these are both private systems.Sump pump and basement flooding problems are not emergencies we address. Storm drainage issues should be directed to the Saginaw County Road Commission at 989-752-6140.
  4. What is that metal pipe sticking up in my front yard?If what you see has a cap with two holes in it, then it is most likely the curb stop (valve) for your water service. Sometimes curb stops become damaged, broken, or severed. If this is the case, you may just see a piece of 1” pipe. Ideally the cap should be flush with the ground or slightly above it, but never buried. If you feel there is a problem with your curb stop or if you have a question, please call the DPW at 989-792-7596, ext.115. There is no charge for repairs unless the damage was deliberate.
  5. What is a “Boil Water Alert”?If the purity of the water in the mains is in question, Kochville Township, the City of Saginaw, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), or the Saginaw County Department of Public Health (SCDPH) will issue a “Boil Water Alert.” In this event, it is advisable to bring water to be consumed to a rolling boil for five minutes. Let the water cool and then pour it back and forth between two sanitary containers to add air for improved taste. Water does not need to be purified before bathing unless individuals have open sores or broken skin. In this case, purify bathing water by boiling it for five minutes and allowing it to cool.

Septic Systems & Wells
Septic systems and wells are regulated under the Saginaw County Environmental Health Code, but please remember that your construction plans must also comply with Township zoning ordinances.

Construction of private wells within the water service district is prohibited except for irrigation purposes.

If you are having problems with sewage backups, slow drains, unpleasant odors, or visible liquid on the ground due to your septic system, contact the Saginaw County Department of Public Health at 989-758-3800.