Downtown Development Authority

Note: The DDA’s website can be found HERE.  Information on the DDA’s matching improvement grant and many other efforts can be found there at

The Kochville Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) works to stimulate investment within the Township’s central business district by engaging in capital improvement, beautification, public safety and many other targeted activities.  The Kochville DDA operates in accordance with the DDA Act of 1975.

The Kochville Township DDA board is comprised of the township supervisor and eight appointed persons, a majority with a vested interest in the DDA district.  The DDA board is currently filled by:

  • Lyle Davis, Jr. (Chairman)
  • Bill Gray (Vice-Chairman)
  • Dave Abbs (Treasurer)
  • Jim Loiacano  (Township Supervisor)
  • Tom Basil, Jr. (Secretary)
  • Brandy Lupo
  • Jon Howell
  • John Margaritis

DDA meeting minutes, policies, and other administrative documents can be found here.

Click here to view the Kochville Township Downtown Development Authority Development Plan and TIF Plan in PDF format.

The Kochville DDA ByLaws can be found here.