About Kochville Township

Located approximately three miles north of the City of Saginaw, Kochville Township is bordered by Tittabawassee Township to the west, Carrollton and Saginaw Charter Townships to the south, Zilwaukee Township and the City of Zilwaukee to the east, and Frankenlust Township in Bay County to the north.

Kochville Township is unique in that is has three rather large and distinct land uses: commercial, educational, and agricultural. Our residents pride themselves in the township’s character—rural yet convenient. They enjoy the friendly people, the wide-open spaces, and the easy access to shopping, state-of-the-art medical centers, and accredited educational facilities.

Kochville’s central business district is a major commercial draw for the region. Tittabawassee Road, along the township’s southern border, serves as one of Saginaw County’s major business arteries, carrying over 39,000 vehicles per day. Estimates find that customers may travel up to 100 miles and come from as far north as Houghton Lake to shop in our community.

Near the northern border of the township lies Saginaw Valley State University. Originally built as a state college, the four-year university has evolved into a complete campus with nearly 10,000 students. Northwood University also operates its Saginaw campus in Kochville Township.

The remainder of the approximately 19-square-mile township is mostly rural and agricultural. In fact, farming activities account for nearly three-quarters of all land use. Preservation of farmland and open space are priorities with township residents and officials.

Effectively maintaining economic vitality and planning for increased commercial, institutional, and residential growth, while maintaining an agricultural heritage and rural character, proves challenging. Kochville Township’s leaders strive to merge these complex needs into a workable, resident-driven Master Plan.

Kochville Township
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